Error with new CF Engine

Good morning!

I have been using CommandBox for some months and it was working great. I am using CommandBox 5.2.1.

When I started one of my sites this morning (I have a .json file for each site), apparently a new CF engine was downloaded. I am now getting this error “The DataSource service is not available.” To be honest, right now I just need to get my sites working. These sites are for a Fortune 100 company.

I cannot find the syntax to specify a specific version of CF in my .json file. I tried


at the same level as “web”:{…}, but I get an invalid JSON error.

Here is my .json file content


So does anyone know either

  • how to fix the “The DataSource service is not available.” error
    *how to specify the CF version in my .json file

What happens if you use a format like this?

            "enable": true
            "port": your-port-goes-here

Note you can use 3 backticks (```), just like in markdown, to copy/paste code and retain the formatting on these forums. It makes reading code and json files much easier. :slight_smile:

Also, here’s a list of all available ACF versions that you can plug into the cfengine property:

@kbutterly @DaveL Please grab the latest version of CFConfig and see if this fixes your issue. Adobe changed how they parse the datasource XML file in the latest updates.

CommandBox> update --system

Pinning your server to an old version of the engine may make the error go away, but it’s not a permanent solution.

Thanks! I will try that once my workload calms down a bit! :grinning:

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