Event Caching is ON baby!!

For those of you excited like me, Event Caching is now ON!! YOu can
grab the nightly build or the bits from SVN.

How hard is it to use?

One Setting:
<Setting name="EventCaching" value="true" />

Metadata on Event to be cached:
<cffunction name="dspBlog" access="public" returntype="void"
output="true" cache="true" cacheTimeout="30"

That's it!!

Three metadata attributes:
cache="true or false"
cacheTimeout="In Minutes"
cacheLastAccessTimeout="If event not hit in X minutes, then purged"

Awesome!! How does it cache? Well, each event in combination with its
incoming request collection gets cached.

How to test an event to re-cache, just use the new url action:

As long as you pass the fwCache URL action, the executing event will
be purged and re-cached.

Enjoy and give feedback, as Beta 2 is coming soon.