event caching

Dont if you will read this Luis. We meet you briefly at Scotch on the
Rocks in London 2010. We mentioned event caching to you and the
obvious issue of different urls caching effectively the same content.
E.g. for omniture you can add ?intcmp=xyz and its useful only for the
omniture code file which is a js file and no use to the actual cf code
at all but the cache will store another version of exactly the same

We asked if it would be possible to ignore some query params or only
pay attention to some query params to get around this. Has anything
been done at all? Or do you know a way we can manipulate/set the key
of the cached item e.g. via the prehandler etc.

Thought id ask as i think it would be very useful.


You can now using the interceptors for prerequeatcapture. It can be found in the what's new guide