event execution timeout


Is there a timeout period for execution of an event? I have a "create"
event handler that hits some business logic that parses a crap load of
data, although I have a redirect after the logic is finished the
framework is giving me a missing view exception...
It seems as though the framework is wanting to hit an explicit view
before I redirect back to my "new" event...

can't find any configuration that says otherwise...

any thoughts?

Maybe it's hitting the regular coldfusion timeout for the request. Try
extending the timeout in the function that takes longer than usual.

<cfsetting requesttimeout="600">

- Gabriel

Hi Salomoko,

Please could you post your example method, its hard to guess why you
have the error.

Another trick you can do this
Event.renderData(type="PLAIN", data=" ")

public void renderData(string type, any data, string contentType,
[string encoding], [string jsonCase], [string jsonQueryFormat],
[boolean jsonAsText], [string xmlColumnList], [boolean xmlUseCDATA],
[string xmlListDelimiter], [string xmlRootName])

Please check API for more detail. You can send back a empty string, so
coldbox will not check the .cfm view file.


thanks Sana.