event.paramValue improvement

Could we add a new function named paramValues() that params a set of
values so we don't have to call paramValue() a bunch of times in

So this code:

event.paramValue("myvar1", 1 )
  .paramValue("myvar2", 2)
  .paramValue("myvar3", 3);

Would turn into:

event.paramValues( params = { "myvar1" = 1, "myvar2" = 2, "myvar3" =
3 }, private=false );

A simple structAppend could be used to get them into the event

If this were to happen I think it would be better than if
event.paramValue() returned the set value rather than the event
object. That way we could use the event.paramValue inline with other

So instead of:

event.paramValue("orderby", "name");
items = service.list("entityName", {}, event.getValue("orderby") );

I could simply do:

items = service.list("entityName", {}, event.paramValue("orderby",
"name") );

Yes I could use the default argument of getValue() but the advantage
of using paramvalue() it set's the value so I don't have to provide
the default for each getValue(). Less refactoring if I want to change
the default too.



Aside: You can use the request context decorator to make this behave however you desire or to add that functionality for yourself.

  • Gabriel

Yep, already using one. Just don't like to keep all the good ideas to


Isn’t event.paramValue(“foo”,""); basically as convenient as param name=“foo” default=""; ? This seems like an unnecessary change to the core in my opinion.

Yeah it is, and it is not necessary. CFScript sucks though but if I
am going to use the event variable functions I would like it to do
more than what CFScript does. Less coding is what is better for me.