Execute commands not in the ~/.CommandBox/cfml/modules/

Hi everyone,

I may not be asking the question correctly, however, I wanted to run a command that exists in a filepath but does not exist in the ~/.CommandBox/cfml/modules/ folder.

For example, I would have a Command in a nested web folder


  • plugins
  • pluginname
  • commands

And from commandbox, I could execute the command Hello, like -> CommandBox> Hello or from a interceptor …

I hope this question makes sense and thanks for any help you can offer.

If you want to use a module that’s not installed, use the link command:

If you’re just looking for a quick and easy way to run smoe CFML code from the command line, you may not even need a module or command at all. Check out Task Runners. They are for portable cfcs you want to execute like an Ant task, but in CFML: