Fatal error after updating to CommandBox 4.5.0

Downloaded the latest CommandBox on my Win7x64 secondary machine, replaced the existing Box.exe with it, now trying to start CommandBox from an admin cmd prompt gives this error:

ERROR (4.5.0+00198)

For input string: “cd C”

\system\Shell.cfc: line 524

524: line = variables.reader.readLine( interceptData.prompt );

called from \system\Bootstrap.cf: line 159

Any thoughts?


Can you take a screenshot or something? It seem like that’s the entire message. I’ve never seen anything like that.

I’ve also attached the recent portion of the log. Thanks for taking a look.


commandbox.log (15.5 KB)


Did you upgrade from a very old version of CommandBox? (3.x) You have bad characters in your history file. Delete your .history-command history file in the .CommandBox folder and try again. If you would, send me a copy of it first though so I can check what’s in it. CommandBox is supposed to auto-convert the old history format to the new format, but perhaps you have something extra special in yours.

That worked, thank you!

Not sure what version I upgraded from, having been doing much cding on this box, lately, and I deleted the prior installer, but circumstantial evidence says it was 3.8, or possibly 3.3…

I’ve attached the .history-command file, let me know what you see.

Thanks again,

.history-command (8.21 KB)

A co-worker had the same issue the other day. We blew away the whole .CommandBox folder since we/he didn’t have any servers or commands to save. Pretty sure he was 3.8 if that helps at all. Pretty sure it was the same CD type error.