Flash form weird issue

I've got a good one for you.

I'm using cfform format="flash" (don't ask why, it's required for this

When my URL is in the format: http://myurl.com/index.cfm/handler/method
my flash form doesn't display. Yet when I use the URL
http://myurl.com/index.cfm?event=handler.method it works fine.

When using either http://myurl.com/index.cfm/handler/method or
http://myurl.com/handler/method (I have url rewriting enabled in
apache - but even if I disable it, it doesn't make any difference),
the generated mxml.cfswf file shows up in firebug as 401 unknown.

As I said, if I use a different URL with the full event argument,
everything works fine.

It's not actually a really big deal - but I'd be interested to know
why it does that.

Any thoughts?

the html page needs a tag that tells the browser the base URL of the application. This is because you go from non-ses to ses URLs

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