flex remoting and RequestEndHandler setting

Hi, I have a flex application calling the coldboxproxy.cfc. In my
coldbox.xml file I have set up

<Setting name="RequestEndHandler" value="main.onRequestEnd" />

This method is called for http requests, but doesn't seem to fire for
flex remoting requests (onRequestEnd in Application.cfc does).

It would be really handy to access the event object, if anyone has any
ideas please let me know!

Thanks in advance.

John, take a look at interceptors, works great in combination with Flex.

You can filter a ColdBox proxy event using event.isProxyRequest()


Hi Ernst, thanks for the reply!

event.isProxyRequest() is one of the methods I was after, I was trying to get coldfire debugging to work 9http://www.mischefamily.com/nathan/index.cfm/2008/12/23/Debugging-Flex-with-ColdFire) only if it was a isProxyRequest and getDebugMode are true.

I’ll have a look at using interceptors instead.

Thanks again.

No prob John.

For debuging Flex calls you could use the logger plugin.


Hi Ernst,

I’ve already got the logger plugin running, it just seemed really nice to use coldfire!

Thanks again

I just have to say I love ColdBox. :slight_smile:

Admittedly, I have little experience with frameworks to provide a balanced view. But what has prevented me in the past from getting into frameworks is my perception that it’s a huge learning curve… and of course you know how it is with life at work, there’s never enough time, so it’s hard to take the time risk of venturing into a framework without knowing how much that’s going to derail the project.

Having started a new project and finally getting a chance to really use CB, I really appreciate the flexibility of being able to ‘throttle’ how hardcore I go. In this case I just want to stay simple, nothing fancy, and get a feel using CB at a basic level. So the result is I’m able to stay as close to the level of momentum that I normally would have had I gone through my non framework approach.




I am glad to hear Tariq.

The approach I am looking forwards for ColdBox is that exactly. The platform can be as simple or as hardcore as you want it to be. Many people think that because it has a software toolkit aspect that it adds overhead or that it is too complicated. However, if they take the time to see the architecture, it is just a collection of libraries, much like how Spring does it.

It is then your job to get funky or stay within the simplicity it offers.