[Forgebox] Error When Installing Package: No satisfying version found

I published a package to Forgebox yesterday, and I am having trouble installing it on another project.

Here’s a link to the package: FORGEBOX: webp
I try to install it via box install webp but this is what I get:

Installing package [forgebox:webp]
Verifying package ‘webp’ in forgebox, please wait…
Installing version [0.2.0].
Verified entry in forgebox: ‘webp’
Aww man, forgebox ran into an issue.
Error getting ForgeBox storage location from ForgeBox. No package binary found for the slug and version provided [webp@0.2.0]
We’re going to look in your local artifacts cache and see if one of those versions will work.

ERROR (5.9.1+00767)

No satisfying version found for [0.2.0].

Well, we tried as hard as we can. forgebox can’t find the package and you don’t have a usable version in your local artifacts cache. Please try another version.

Now, I’m still a bit of a noob when it comes to creating Forgebox packages, so it’s possible I didn’t do something right. However, I can’t think of what might be wrong in this case.

Note: I can install it if I grab it directly from Github by adding this to my box.json depenencies:

The problem may be your location is present in the box.json but empty.

If you’re not wanting to override a custom location, remove that property. Re-run


and report back the full console output if it does not work. The publish should auto-upload a zip file to S3 when it publishes.

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I can always count on you, Brad! Thank you.

Removing location from box.json did the trick.

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