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Hi Luis,

I am sorry to sending email about my idea, but i feel that might this is not relevent to forum thats why i am sending email.

Hi Sana,

I think this is a great idea to be implemented via custom plugins since
they are very application specific. Maybe some SES support via custom
plugins. If you can come up with something, this would be great. I
know I would defintely use it. Let me know if you have something set
up, send me a zip file. I will review it and post it here as custom
downloadable plugins.

I know that AAron was working on a login plugin. If you have that
finished Aaron, send it over.


I will try to send out the plugin to the mailing list in the next week
or 2. I have had a lot going on recently and haven't had time for any
research & development type stuff. In regards to the SES which Sana
suggested I think this is a great idea. However, I think it must be
noted to achieve these affects you must be using something like apache
mod_rewrite for apache or some other 3rd party plugin for IIS. I know
the CF on wheels framework has this concept using something called
'routes'. Their site is unfortunately down right now, but it is


Actually, you can "trick" CF into recognizing some sort of SES by using
the URL parameters as a string instead of as a scope. The catch is that
you HAVE to pass the file name (implicitly or explicitly). For example
you may use URLs like

and then parse the entire URL string (within the index.cfm template) to
obtain whatever you want.
This one also works

(assuming that you have set your web server to default to a document
like index.cfm or default.cfm or something like that)

Yes, this is not "true" SES, but it is clase and this approach works
regardless of the webserver you use.


I think this approach would work great as an SES plugin that can be
configured by an external xml file or even better the config.xml.cfm
via <settings> element. Those are available framework wide. So
configuring SES from the same config.xml.cfm would be awesome and then
just letting the plugin do the work. Maybe calling it from the
onRequestStart event. In ColdBox 2.0 this would be easier, since you
will have an event descriptor file, where you can chain your events.
Sort of like in Struts, where you can do filter chaining.


I came across these 2 posts that seemed very relevant to this and had
some specific implementations.