From Windows to (Ubuntu) Linux: Case Sensitivíty of file names and DB schema and table names causes issues ...

Having mirrored my Tomcat/Railo/Coldbox installation on Windows to
(Ubuntu) Linux, I wanted to tell You about the following experience
I've had:
- The security interceptor couldn't find the rules file:
  - Declaration WAS: rulesFile="config/securityrules.xml.cfm"
  - I then changed it to: rulesFile="config/securityRules.xml.cfm"
  - The real name of the rules file is: securityRules.xml.cfm
  - Conclusion: In contrast to Windows, (Ubuntu) Linux is case
sensitive wrt file names !

The same holds true for DB schema and table names:
- Whereas on Windows, MySQL treats schema and table names NOT case
sensitively, on (Ubuntu) Linux, it does !
- Unfortunately, I had not paid full attention to correct case
sensitive aware DB objects naming ...