Full description of server.json keys

Is there a more detailed breakdown of each key that can go into server.json, their purpose, defaults, and what they can accept?

I’m going page by page through the server documentation while I’m setting my site up. I see that there are some outlined here Server.json | 6.0.0 | CommandBox : CLI, Package Manager, REPL & More, but some are mentioned on other pages without a clear breakdown of their usage.

For instance, Server Profiles | 6.0.0 | CommandBox : CLI, Package Manager, REPL & More mentions web.directoryListing and I haven’t been able to find any more documentation on it. I can infer what it means by looking up the broad term “Directory Listing” but it would be useful to have an explanation in the docs.

Also, this is a bit of a nitpick, but on that server.json file, there are some indentation issues around jvm.args, runwar.args, blockSensitivePaths, and blockFlashRemoting that are making the full JSON breakdown a little tough to skim thorugh.

Figuring out how to document all the stuff in the JSON in a way that makes sense can be difficult. There SHOULD be pages for each features specifically, but I’m surprised to see there doesn’t appear to be a page for directory listing. I could have swore we used to have one. When enabled, CommandBox will produce a directory listing of all the files in a folder when there is no index file. When disabled, you get a 403 when hitting the folder directly.

Can you send a pull request to clean up the spacing?

For the most part, the rules seem to be expanded on throughout the documentation, I think it was just a coincidence that one of the first ones I saw was that DirectoryListing one that was missing. I’ve added that to this file too.

I’m using Firefox, which I’ve noticed can be inconsistent about displaying tabs alongside spaces, and I think that’s what was causing the misalignment. I’ve standardized the spacing throughout the document and set up the PR. Thanks for another quick reply!

So I went to add a page for directory listing and I realized why we couldn’t find it-- the setting used to be called web.directoryListing for a while, but was then renamed to web.directoryBrowsing! The docs for it are already right here:

I just need to fix the typo on that link to use the correct name for the setting!

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