FusionReactor config file on CommandBox

I use Fusion Reactor module with CommandBox but when deploy a new server I must reconfigure Fusion Reactor ( IP, mail server, ecc).

Is it possible configure reactor.config file inside server.json of CommandBox?

Thank you!

CommandBox is awensome

@ecellini Yes you can. This is in the docs here:

server set fusionreactor.reactorconfFile=reactor.conf

Argh … Yesterday I had seen this paragraph in the Docs.

Thank you!

Hello Brad,
it runs perfectly!

Do you suggest me to move reactor.config outside of webroot (I use a Commandbox task to deploy my project) or block this file (and .cfConfig.json) on web server?

Last question, at the moment I have FusionReactor password in server.json, do you suggest to move this password on env variables?
I have 3 instances of CommandBox on the same server, perhaps it’s better to use ${projectName_FR_pwd}?

Thank you!

If you prefix the file name with a period, it will be blocked automatically (Unless you have another web server like IIS sitting in front serving static assets). I would recommend storing the file outside the web root. Note the path in server.json can be a relative path.

Yes, I would move the password to a variable. Or, in CommandBox 5.3.0, you can simply override it without even needing the placeholder in the JSON at all.