getCurrentModule() value empty?

I have no idea why the error I get while performing the action control would be like this? log record as follows:

2022-03-23 ​​13:12:07 cbsecurity.interceptors.Security Invalid authentication by User (, blocked access to target=User.index using rule security: {Match={event}, Permissions= {user}, module={}, Whitelist={User.Login,User.logout}, OverrideEvent={}, Securelist={User.,User/}, UseSSL={0}, Action={override}, Roles={user}, securityrule_id={1}, Description={}, Redirect={}} ExtraInfo: {“messages”:"",“allow”:false,“type”:“authentication”}

and variables when I inspect. I see requestService.getContext() this value is empty


I’m not sure I’m following your question. The title of your post says getCurrentModule() is empty, but the error message you posted doesn’t say anything about that. getCurrentModule() is supposed to return an empty string if the current event is not from a module. You haven’t really provided enough information to follow what’s going on.