Getting Child Page to Show Up as Sub-Menu Item

I'm trying to get a child page of Nimblestix Mountain Retreat to show up as a sub-menu when I pass my mouse over the link, but its not happening; I have to click on the link in order to get the "Retreat Info" link.

Settings I have for this child page:

Layout: page
Mobile Layout: pages
Show in Menus: Yes
Menu Order: 2

Here's the blog:


You are using the default ContentBox theme “ContentBox Goodness”. Have you done anything with the layout to allow for the enhanced dropdown menu functionality? This layout, out of the box, handles the subpages as you are seeing in your blog where they simply show up in the sidebar after click. “Show In Menus” simply sets whether or not the item is included in the navigation. “Menu Order” is the order that the menus show up in the nav.

Just this week I did a presentation for ColdBox Developer Week (CBDW) on “Theming ContentBox Websites” ( that shows the differences in the default menu functionality as well as how a new layout that I created “Bootswatch” handles the navigation with Twitter Bootstrap dropdowns. The blog post announcing the new “Bootswatch” layout is here which also links to GitHub and ForgeBox for the layout

Computer Know How

This theme is a perfect example, what can be done with bootstrap and also a great resourcs for ideas if a different css framework is your choice.

So, I would need to make changes to the layout to allow for the enhanced dropdown menu functionality, is that right? And this Bootswatch layout has that functionality?

Yes and yes.

Computer Know How