Getting error message about running method on a coldfusion structure

I am getting

"Cannot invoke method runEvent on an object of type
coldfusion.runtime.Struct with named arguments."



I have gotten this in other places.

Not sure why this happens.


I have never had a problem with runEvent(). Where are you calling it?

Look at your init() method, check if the return type agrees with the handler.


Ah that was the issue.

Realize two things. One, I need to reconstruct how I am doing the
handler calls (thats another issue-sleep :wink: ).
Two better understanding of init (constructor) functions

I had this in the file

<cffunction name="init" displayname="init" hint="init" access="public"
output="false" returntype="Any">
    <cfargument name="Event" type="any">
    <!--- TODO: Implement Method --->
    <cfreturn this/>

Which was auto generated for eclipse cfc wizard. I did not even think
about it and so need to go read Docs to correct.

Thanks again.

Init methods on handlers are OPTIONAL, and should only be used if you are DOING actually something with it, if not, it is pointless.

I am actually removing the constructors from the auto-generations.