Getting List of method name in handlers

Hi Guys, what code would I need to get a list of the methods in a

from where?

Luis F. Majano
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George, it depends where do you want to call this from?

if within the handler itself just do:

var handlerMetadata = getMetadata(this);

or, if outside the handler and the handler path is known:

var handlerMetadata = getComponentMetadata(“”);

then extract all the methods by referencing the “.functions” property in the returned metadata:

Would a third option be to call getMetadata() on the handler instance
in the cache?

Jason Durham

I don't remember if I found this, did it myself, or was a combination
of both, so give credit where credit is due if you recognize it.

This function is in one of my handlers and is called after a fwreinit
is sent. It will search all the event handlers registered with the cb
application and extract the handler.event paths and load them into the
security rule model for processing