Getting the debug info from CFC's

What is the best way in ColdBox to get error information from CFC’s you are creating.

I have found that when I make a mistake in the CFC it simply skips that part of the CFC and displays the page. I do not want that to happen. Is there a setting or what do you do in development to find this kind of bug. or is this just something happening to me.


What do you mean when you say you make a mistake, and it skips that page?

Are you referring to a programming error!

Are you making ajax calls? Usually if there is an error the page
should halt. I've had a similar issue with ajax calls where you can't
always see the error. Then again, firebug plugin for Firefox shows
ajax requests.

You could use a try/catch block around the suspected code. In the
cfcatch portion you catch the error and email it to yourself or write
it to a file on the server if for some reason the page isn't halting.

Not sure if that helps or not.


It is not ajax. It guesses at the default view name. In fact if I am using a different view then the same name as the handler then it will error saying it is trying to find the view that is the same name as the handler.