Global Error Handling

I’m new to the ColdBox platform and while we aren’t going to be using it right away as a framework (too much legacy code and not enough time yet to refactor the whole thing), I’ll be implementing wireBox and cacheBox initially and then looking at other pieces.

I was curious though, we’ve been talking internally about an idea I had to take my global error handler that is pretty full featured and build it into a server-based application that can be registered to any CF app running on that server, and would handle much of what my global error handler does, with a lot of additional functionality built into it, like allowing developers to opt-in, opt-out of emails, configure scopes to include in emails, configure variable names that should be removed for security purposes, track the number of times each error has been triggered (emails only get sent every 4 hours for any particular error), integrate into tracking systems (click a link in an error email to automatically create a new ticket, that kind of thing). Finding time to work on this though is not easy with everything else I have going on right now.

I was hoping maybe ColdBox would already have a comprehensive error handling system like this built in (ErrorBox?) but don’t see any mention of it. Did I miss anything?

Mary Jo Sminkey
Senior Web Application Developer
CFWebtools, LLC

Mary Jo,

My friend Oscar Arevalo has a very nice system called BugLog HQ. It does what you want and more. Unfortunately is not built on ColdBox :frowning: but it can do what you say and can integrate with ColdBox rather easily.

There is also another project called Hoth, which integrates with ColdBox as well very nicely.


Luis F. Majano
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Thanks Luis…I’m familiar with Hoth but it didn’t do enough of what I am looking for. BugLog however looks awesome and I should be able to integrate it in with my own global error handler to get the benefits of both. Thanks!

Mary Jo