Handling legacy URLs

Is there a good way to handle legacy URLs? We have several urls like /path/path/index.cfm

What I would like to see is to have them added to Contentbox with a direct 301 to new URL

And no I don’t like to handle it with a rewrite rule because I would like to have the overview about my URLs at one place.



I wrote an interceptor to convert the older URLs to the new URL, this may or may not work for you, as it will depend on the changes in the url. I wrote that primarily for search engines to update and remove links, so if it is permanently moved the SE should update their records. But this will only work if your old URLS had predefined easy to use route entry points to convert.

Good idea, we already have an interceptor which could be extended.

It would be still good if we could have it visble in the interface the that a normal user can understand what’s going on.

Btw, any reason that your website is down for maintenance for so long?

​Well I never went that far, but there is nothing to stop the rules for matching be user inputted. I just chose to hard code it, it was meant as a Q&D solution.

Yes, I am winding the site down.​


Maybe create a module that listens to missing template handler.

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