Having trouble getting CBSecurity to work?

I am still working through the zero to hero videos and have had pretty good fortune in in understanding when things don’t go correctly. That said, I can not get CBSecurity to work. This is what I added to my config file:

cbsecurity = {
// The global invalid authentication event or URI or URL to go if an invalid authentication occurs
“invalidAuthenticationEvent” : “login”,
// Default Auhtentication Action: override or redirect when a user has not logged in
“defaultAuthenticationAction” : “redirect”,
// The global invalid authorization event or URI or URL to go if an invalid authorization occurs
“invalidAuthorizationEvent” : “login”,
// Default Authorization Action: override or redirect when a user does not have enough permissions to access something
“defaultAuthorizationAction” : “redirect”,
// You can define your security rules here or externally via a source
“rules” : [
“whitelist”: “”,
“securelist”: “rants/new”,
“match”: “url”
// The validator is an object that will validate rules and annotations and provide feedback on either authentication or authorization issues.
“validator” : “CBAuthValidator@cbsecurity”,
// The WireBox ID of the authentication service to use in cbSecurity which must adhere to the cbsecurity.interfaces.IAuthService interface.
“authenticationService” : “authenticationService@cbauth”,
// WireBox ID of the user service to use
“userService” : “UserService”,
// Activate handler/action based annotation security
“handlerAnnotationSecurity” : true,
// Activate security rule visualizer, defaults to false by default
“enableSecurityVisualizer” : true

WHen I go to rants/new it doesn’t redirect me, still serves the form even when I am not logged in. If i go to /CBSecurity to look at the visualizer I get a Page Not Found error, if I go to CBSecurity/index It will pull up the visualizer but does not list my rule for rants/new.

Not sure what to do with this one???

Thank you,


The zero to hero docs are out of date and aren’t updated to the latest cbSecurity version.

The new configuration struct can be found here Configuration - cbSecurity

Thank you so much! I have been able to figure out how to work my way through most of the differences but this one had me stumped!!!

Thank you again so much!