Help Me Get Set Up

I started using ColdFusion over 20 years ago but for much of the last decade, I haven’t done much with it.
I’m back to do want to add some front-end security to my legacy code.
I’ve installed Coldbox and played around a bit but I keep hitting walls that are time-consuming for me to work around.
What I would like is for someone to:

  1. Set up Coldbox correctly
  2. Create a basic login module.
  3. Connect it to my database
  4. Show me how to integrate my legacy code.

I think if I have that in place I can get back to what I am good at… writing basic cfml.
Thanks in advance.

There are lots of docs and examples for ColdBox.

There’s even a sample repo which shows how to integrate the framework into a legacy app.

If you want someone to personally help you, you can check out the professional services for hire from Ortus Solutions, the makers of ColdBox.

If you’re looking for free community support, that’s fine too. But your questions above are very vague, so you’ll need to break them down a bit more.

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Thanks BDW,
My questions were vague because I was swimming in pretty deep water when I first installed the app.
I’ve done the 60-minute-quick-start five times (for some of us 300 minutes is considered a quick-start).
I have yet to be able to complete it without getting to an error I couldn’t work around.
I have learned something every time through and am beginning to grasp the framework.
I really appreciate the link to the legacy app, I will check it out.
And the Support and Consulting link is probably what I was really looking for.
Thanks Again

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Hi Brad,
Your help has been absolutely awesome!!!
I have set up a public sandbox for me to play with:
Some questions to get me through my next steps:

  1. What settings do I need to change to make the Coldbox MVC apps public?
  2. I need a secure login for both the legacy and new Coldbox MVC. What do you recommend for that.

There are a handful of caching settings you’d likely want to be on for production. The only real security-related ones are ensuring you have a reinit password and a secure error template.

There are a handful of modules to help secure parts of your app, but generally speaking, how you store and authenticate your users is a concern that’s at a much higher level than your MVC framework. In other words, ColdBox is a combination drill press, table saw, planer, but you’re asking for a Walnut China Cabinet. You can make one, but ColdBox is just the toolbox.

I love the analogy (toolbox/china cabinet).