Hibernate CFC error

After testing and retesting creating new applications and make configuration changes from the ground up…many many many times, I never had any problems connecting to a database with ORM and interacting with basic data…the video training helped a great deal.

Now, I’m finally starting an application that is connecting to a database NOT of my own making…rather the legacy database the clients application is going to have to interact with. My hope is that this error jogs someones memory and can point me to either what I overlooked in my configuration OR what I might NOT know about how ORM is interacting with my data.

Invalid CFML construct found on line 1072 at column 25.ColdFusion was looking at the following text:


The CFML compiler was processing:

  • A script statement beginning with for on line 1072, column 25.
  • A script statement beginning with { on line 1070, column 53.
  • A script statement beginning with if on line 1070, column 17.
  • A script statement beginning with public on line 1041, column 9.
    The error occurred in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\td\coldbox\system\orm\hibernate\BaseORMService.cfc: line 1072
1070 : 		if( Len(Trim(arguments.sortOrder)) ){
1071 : 			var sortTypes = listToArray(arguments.sortOrder);
**1072 : 			for(var sortType in sortTypes) {**
1073 : 				var sortField = Trim(ListFirst(sortType," "));
1074 : 				var sortDir = "ASC";

Darn…sorry. Latest CB 3.5.1, Microsoft SQL server 2008, CF9 fully patched.

Is this cf 9.01?

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hm…I thought I was completely patched…but it turns out not on this computer.


I’ll patch and see if a difference is made.


Thanks Luis…that was the problem it seems. Now fully patched on that box.