Host CommandBox server in shared location instead of user folder (Windows)

I have an Amazon EC2 server running Windows Server 2022 Datacenter, and I’m trying to host a site with CommandBox.

The server has two user accounts, we’ll call them UserA and UserB. When I run box start as UserA, UserB is unable to see the Lucee icon in the app tray or see the server details via box server list, and WEB-INF is stored in C:\Users\UserA\.commandbox\~~~.

When UserB runs box start, it sets up a new Lucee Server instance under their own Windows User folder, even though it’s launching the same code from the same root.

I’ve tried looking through the documentation, but I’m having a hard time finding a way to access all instances from all users in CommandBox. I’d like to have a shared WEB-INF location where both users can access the same Lucee control panels and see the same running instances. Is there something I can do?

You need to use a file in the same folder as box.exe to “pin” the box home for all users to the same location. I’m on my pbone ATM, but this is shown on the installation page of the docs. As far as the tray icon, its only visible when starting a server under the current user’s desktop.

Ah, there it is, right there at the top. I somehow didn’t realize that’s what the page was talking about, thank you so much!