How do I add a datasource inside a .cfm file to be executed in CommandBox?

I am new to CommandBox and I’m writing a script that adds database records to elasticsearch. I’m thinking that I will execute it from a .cfm file, but I quickly realized that CommandBox doesn’t run my application.cfc file, which sets up my datasources. How can I create a datasource inside my .cfm file, or is there a better way to get CommandBox to see my datasources?

How are you executing the .cfm? If you run it as
$> box myfile.cfm

The Application.cfc is run I believe. There is a possibility this differs based on Windows or Unix though if it does, it’s unintended.

You can also configure data sources via the cfapplication tag.



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I am on Windows and running it from box.exe using the execute command.

CommandBox:currentfolder>execute file=/build/elasticsearch/index-forum.cfm

I would suggest you use the application tag.