How do you deploy to a shared server such as Hostek

Hello, all. I am new to Coldbox and was looking at it for a possible project. I downloaded CommandBox and put it on my c: drive in the root. C:\commandbox. Ran box, installed coldbox-cli, etc. and followed the tutorial here (which needs a correction or two). I was doing from a folder here: V:\Documents\CFSites\RestoModTracker\DeltaCMS. It works fine on my PC.

So I wanted to see how it would work in my Hostek hosted environment. I looked for information on how to deploy to a hosted environment and was surprised that, with all this documentation, there is no specific deployment process. So I just pushed the the above folder to the server http root.

I get an error:

Security: The requested template has been denied access to D:/home/

The following is the internal exception message: access denied (“” “D:/home/” “read”)

I am asking the what version of Java they are running but this seems to be a different issue.

Is there a reason there is no documentation, no video, not much of anything on how to deploy an app to a shared hosting environment that already has CF running on it? Thanks.

I would reach out to your server host and ask them to look into the permissions.

Thank for the quick response. So is this how you deploy? You just copy the whole folder to the server? I will reach out to them and see about permissions.

Are you using the Hostek Shared CF Hosting? Not sure if you got this resolved yet or not. I have a couple CF VPS servers and I run into this issue. In my case its a matter of resetting inheritable permissions for all files & folders in the wwwroot folder. ( right click wwwroot folder > properties > Security (tab) > Advanced > Check box to “Replace all …” > Apply ). If you are using the Shared Hosting, You might be able to get this done through the file manager however I have not ever done it that way.

If you are interested in deployment process I would be happy to share the basics of how i deploy on my servers, both CF VPS with Hostek and Lucee servers from elsewhere.

In the past when Ortus deployed to VPS, we used a Jenkins job that copied the code over via sFTP. Nowadays, we still use VPS, but to run our Docker Swarm and deployments are done in our Gitlab pipelines by building a new docker image, pushing it to our docker registry, and issuing some Docker CLI commands to update that service on the swarm. The zero-downtime rolling deploy then takes care of itself via the magic of Docker Swarm.