how do you open dashboard?

I have just installed my first coldbox and contentbox and progressed as far as getting the initial default blog page.

Clicking on the default blog entry generates 404 - The origin server did not find a current representation for the target resource or is not willing to disclose that one exists.

I wanted to check permissions etc but I couldn’t find how to get to the dashboard!

Documentation refers to how to use dashboard but I couldn’t find anything that tells me how to find it and open it.

What URL are you hitting? I assume by dashboard, you mean the administrator. The URL for that is /cbadmin but I’m guessing you haven’t configured URL Rewrites on your web server for SES URLs to work correctly.

Thanks for your rewrite pointer Brad

Installed Apache and rewrite rules and now all working

/cbadmin also works but I never did find any documentation about it. Also I had my site in a sub-directory as per installation documentation but found I needed to have the site in root. I assume that the rewrite assumes this.

Thanks again


It’s possible to have the site in a sub dir, but the rewrites rules out there all assume it’s in the root, so you’d have to massage then to make it work.