How to bind to cfcs in model folder using cfselect and cfgrid


I am trying to figure this out and it's driving me nuts! How do I bind
to a cfc in the model folder when my cfgrid and cfselect statements
that use bind attribute are in the views folder?

Here is the code I'm using in cfselect:
<cfselect display="systemname" value="systemid" name="systemid"

It just keeps saying that it can't find the cfc and to use an absolute
path, which I don't see how I can do that either.

Any help would be much appreciated!

I’m doing the same thing and it works. Is your function set to remote?


bind=“cfc:model.directorService.getDirectorList()” name=“userid” display=“fullname” value=“userid”>

Is your model folder in the webroot, or is there a "model" mapping for it to resolve with?

What happens if you try to go to


The model is in the root of the site, which is in a subdirectory under
the webroot.
I can't get the model mappings in coldbox to work.
If I try going to
I get the results of my query to show up!

Yes, all my functions are set to remote. My site is in a subdirectory
under the webroot. Should that matter?

What is the error you're getting? I was just doing this successfully
the other day, though it wasn't in a cfselect, it was part of cfgrid


I am a complete nimrod!

I beat my brains out for two days on this and came up with the idea of
using "this.mapping" function to get to my model folder and I didn't
even have to do that.

Since my site was under a subdirectory of the domain:

my bind had to be: bind="cfc:mysite.model.myqueries.getSystemNames()"
and NOT bind="cfc:model.myqueries.getSystemNames()"

Out of all the things I tried, I can't believe I didn't try that.

Hopefully someone else can learn from my mistake if they read this.
Then again, I hadn't used Coldbox in almost a year and started while I
had a bad cold. That's my excuse anyway, haha!