How to find multiple records with Quick?

I’m trying to use the wonderful Quick module to retrieve some record from database.

I need to get all posts which slugs is in array.

I have tried something like this:


var posts = getInstance(“Post”)
.findAllWhere( { slug = [‘contact’,‘seo’] } );


But it seems not working.

Any idea?

You would want an IN clause: posts.whereIn( ‘slug’, [ ‘contact’, ‘seo’ ] )

That is correct. All of the methods in qb are available when constructing a Quick query. You will likely want that documentation open as well.

I’ve searched on the docs, but not found any reference to whereIn…

My fault, I was searching on Quick docs…

Sorry to hijack this, but Tropicalista does your socialite module still work? I would like to use it but I asked a question on your github site months ago and assumed you weren’t maintaining it now.

Would love to see Apple on there too…

Socialite should work.

I have not used recently, however unless some Api changed it must work.

I don’t have an Linkedin account to test it right now, if you don’t mind to share a test account I will check to see if there are any problem.