How to Specify Securelist in cbsecurity 3?

In CFCasts, going through the “Coldbox Zero to Hero” course. It looks like the below code works with cbsecurity 2, but not with the current cbsecurity 3. I’m trying to figure out how to accomplish the same behavior in cbsecurity 3.

So in one section of videos, we install cbsecurity, and add a spec in the moduleSettings of config/coldbox.cfc:

cbsecurity = {...
                           "rules"							: [
			            "whitelist": "",
			            "securelist": "rants/new",
			            "match": "url"

This is so that in the “Soapbox” app we’re building, if the user clicks on a button to go to that “rants/new” route when not logged in, it will instead relocate them to the login page. This works in cbsecurity 2, which was current at the time of the video, but not in cbsecurity 3, which is what I unknowingly installed. I’ve looked at the documentation for cbsecurity 3, and haven’t figured out how to accomplish the same thing the above code accomplishes in 2. Any help, esp. where in the documentation I can find my answer, much appreciated - thanks.

It appears that this same code syntax should indeed work in cbsecurity 3. I’ll investigate why it isn’t. Any case, I’m told that there’s a new repo in Github for what’s going to be an updated Coldbox Zero to Hero course on CFCasts.

cbSecurity v3 settings is different from the previous version. It mentioned on What's New With 3.0.0 - cbSecurity

" All settings have changed. They are not single-level anymore. They are now grouped by functionality. Please see the Configuration area for the new approach."