How to Upgrade,Uninstall, and/or Move Coldbox

I was evaluating Coldbox and decided to roll it into our production
environment. I've ran into a problem on the development server where
Coldbox is installed. It is desired that Coldbox be installed into a
management directory. Obviously because some of the Coldbox system
files are in use by CF moving the Coldbox directory fails. I couldn't
find any documentation about moving or uninstalling Coldbox. If there
is any instructions on how to do this I would appreciate it. I didn't
look to much around for upgrade instructions either, but at a glance I
didn't see any links from the installation documentation or from the
download page.

I’m not quite sure what the actual problem you’re stating is. However, I’ll give you a couple pieces of advice. Whenever you change an instance of Coldbox, you should restart CF. If you are running two different instances of Coldbox, class path caching needs to be disabled in CF Admin and per-application mappings should be used along with the “no inheritance” version of App.cfc.

Jason Durham