How to use SocketAppender? What do I need on the receiving end?

I am not a ColdBox user but have been looking at LogBox as a solution
to my problem.

I have two load-balanced web servers that external users log into.
Sometimes they have trouble logging in. I'd like to be able to verify
exactly what credentials they are using to log in. I am thinking about
adding logging to the login process to capture this. But I don't want
it in a log file or database, and I don't want it logging all the
time. So LogBox seems like a perfect solution - runtime configurable
and I don't have to log to a database or file.

My first thought was to log to a scope and then have an admin page
display that data as it comes in - so I can "watch" users as they log
in. But unfortunately there is no administration area on this
webserver. So I am thinking about logging over the network back to our
intranet application, where I can easily place an admin page to view
this data.

Which leads me to the SocketAppender. But I don't quite understand
what I would need to do on the other end to receive the messages?

Any ideas or pointers appreciated, thanks.


Ryan, the socket appender communicates with an open port server and just transmits the data as a binary packet.

So you would have to build a server that listens on a certain port most likely in java or .net or whatever language. If you prefer I think the easiest would be to build a custom appender that submits this via REST or web services back to your intranet at an exposed resource or web service.


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You could also just send an email to yourself using cfmail and then
just dump out the values of the username and password fields in the
email when the authentication fails.