How to write event.setview in module


When I’m writing event.setView(view=“user/contact” ,module=“users”); in modules (modules/handlers/main.cfc contact())

It’s not displaying anything.

How can I use this. Please suggest


Is it safe to assume that this contains a typo?
“… in modules (modules/handlers/main.cfc contact())”

Shouldn’t it be this?
“… in modules (modules/users/handlers/main.cfc contact())”?

It’s gonna be pretty painful for everybody involved if you can’t give us more details on what you expect to see and whether any views are working. I suspect that contact.cfm actually has code in it and other views are working. If no views are working, then I suspect your application can’t find the module since you’re also having trouble with routing (another thread).

Modules are working fine. Do I need to set any settings in Config files.