html helper html.table attributes property is missing

I was looking through the docs and came upon the html.table()
function. In the example and docs it says you can pass a struct of
attributes. I tried and this failed. So I looked at the dump of the
html object. There is no attributes parameter in there. I downloaded
Coldbox 3.1 from, so I would assume that
the docs and application would match up.
This is what was in the dump for table

Name Required Type Default
data Required any
includes Optional string [empty string]
excludes Optional string [empty string]
name Optional string [empty string]
ReturnType: any
Access: public
Output: false
Hint: Convert a table out of data (either a query or array of
structures or array of entities)

<cfargument name="attributes" type="string" required="false"
default="" hint="The attributes for the table"/> at the end of the
argumentsin HTMLHelper.cfc @line 287

Then added:@line 300 Dont forget to add the extra space to the
str.append("<Table ");

Confused. Is this a fix or a bug?

Luis F. Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

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