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How does ContentBox connect to a Html5 bootstrap responsive front end?

We are currently have designed a magazine layout and have sent it out for markup. We are currently using Coldfusion FW1/Coldbox on two different sites. I’m considering between some different CMSs and wondering how ContentBox connects if you have already done a front end design/code.

Can this be a theme or does it have to deployed through an API?

The entire ContentBox service layer can be made available directly through the model CFCs. That would allow you to use it as a back-end store (and even use the admin module if you want) but use a custom front-end.



ColdBox Platform Evangelist
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ColdBox Platform:

ContentBox is very flexible… allowing you to create your whole theme from scratch, or customizing an existing theme.
There are several themes that are bootstrap themes, one of them you can select your colors, but it is responsive.
There may be elements that are not 100% responsive, but it is a goal of the ContentBox team to work on updating modules to be fully responsive in the near future.

If you do not want to use a Theme, you could create your own front end and access the admin Api directly if you would prefer to do that, creating all of your own display modules, just tapping into the content structures behind the scenes.

Lots of options.

Gavin Pickin