i18n Properties file help

We are currently setting up our sites to be multilingual and are
trying to figure out the best way to go about. We have 25 sites/
venues and understand that each site needs it's own resource bundle.
We've been using Attesoro to create these resource bundles. We
currently have them in Excel and pull them into Attesoro.

Since we have so many sites and are constantly adding more,
maintaining the resource bundles could become a nightmare. Is there
an easier way to go about this? Possibly storing the information in
the database and then injecting the properties when the application
starts up?

I believe so, there is also a database resource bundle plugin somewhere, i have to look for it.

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Has this database plugin been posted anywhere?

Hi Daniel,

i18n plugin documentation

If you are looking to store i18n values in database and like to generate i18n for each language. Its possible as well, long time ago I posted code in forum how to do.
Let us know if there any more info you may require