i18n Resource bundle & RBundle

This is FYI. I had the hardest time debugging CB v3 using i18n
resource bundles for internationalization, taking more than half a day
to figure it out. So I thought I'd post my experience here to help

I downloaded and installed the ResourceBundle Editor for my Flash
Builder Eclipse 3.4 version which took about 30 minutes looking for
where to place it (Win7 C:Users/xxxx/workspace/.metadata/.plugins). I
create my bundles in includes/i18n/ of my project, new->Other-

ResourceBundle and follow steps. Close that file after creation and

then left-click it Open With->ResourceBundle Editor. Took 15 minutes
to figure out how to get that far.

From the docs I place the following in my main.cfc onAppInit() - (this
was easy)
event.paramValue("thisLocale", "en_US");
and onRequestStart() -

The hardest part took a few hours which was mostly configuration
issues. Instead of going into details I'll just give you my solution,
which is Coldbox.cfc related:
coldbox = {
    RBundles = {} //do not use "", not sure what CAN go here
i18n = {
    defaultResourceBundle = "includes/i18n/main", //just the {main}
_en_US.properties of the file, full path
    defaultLocale = "en_US",
    localeStorage = "session",
    unknownTranslation = "**NOT FOUND**"
I had a hard time figuring out the {} in RBundles, had to look at the
cfc to figure out that "" wasn't correct, but it didn't stop me from
try all sorts of values in there. And I don't know what I was reading
for reference about the i18n settings but it was missing the
"defaultResourceBundle" variable and I had to look into the cfc to
figure that out to, just to be further confused as to what to assign

Anyways, so all works now and I can call getResource("welcomeMsg") and
other methods from handlers, views, etc.. Pretty neat if I can find an
actual use for it in the future. Still, pulling the resources for that
file, not sure about that. When it comes to CMS I'd prolly rather go a
database route and extend the whole thing. And yes, I know how to do