IIS 7.x Rewrite Rules?

Can anyone toss up a slice of the section of their IIS 7.x web.config file that deals with the Rewrites that make ContentBox go? I’ve given up on Apache and trying to get it all setup in IIS.

Any help would be appreciated.

  • Will B.

Try this


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web.config (2.19 KB)

Thanks for the files, guys. It helped a bit. Unfortunately I’m pretty much back to the same problem I seem to have constantly. The installer kicks me to a redirect loop. I’ll make a new post for it.

If you are getting in a loop, then double check your routes and make sure that the route your redirecting too, is not in the secure list otherwise you will end up in a redirect loop.

I’ll check that but the routes should be exactly what’s installed. I’m using Railo 3 and will try to get Railo 4 installed.

AH HA! Stumbled on another post for another framework. That fella said, at the end of the discussion, that he was switching back to using {PATH_INFO}. I tried it, it worked.

So DONT do this:
<add input="{SCRIPT_NAME}" …

<add input="{PATH_INFO}" …

Thanks for trying, guys. I wonder what the answer would have been if a paying client had been on IIS7 and Railo! :slight_smile: Heh.