Implementing Logbox

Hi all,

I am just finishing up an application, and now I am implementing

I have configured three appenders for Logbox, ColdboxTrace, Async file
and Emailappender.

In the root property I have set up only the first two as appenders.
The mail appender does not fire on a standard error.

So far, so good. Now I have set up an onException in production mode,
in which I want to Email the error and then redirect to the friendly
error page. In development, I just show the error on the screen.

I have set up the two onExceptions using the Environment Interceptor.
But I can't figure out how I call the Emailappender in Logbox to email
the Exception bean.

How do i accomplish this?

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First of all, you will have to declare a Category that will be assigned the Email Appender.



Also, choose a levelMin and levelMax for the category. What this does, is that when you use a logger in the interceptors of class type: myinterceptors.ExceptionHandler, then it will redirect all messages to the email appender.

All interceptors in 3.0.0 have a “log” object already in the variables scope. So in your interceptor you can do:

log.error(“message here”, extrainfo);

That will send the message and extra info via email to you.

To check the class path of your interceptor you can also do this:

But that is about it. Categories are granular controls of logging of which you can choose to what destinations to log to and what levels to allow.

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Hi Luis,

Thanks for your reply.

I ended up taking a different approach, by settings the root.appenders for the development environment in the Environment interceptor.

I added this line to my development config:

And now only the production server mails the errors, development just shows them on the screen!

Works like a charm!

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