Implementing the official elasticsearch client in coldbox

I am looking to take out the tedious work of creating arrays of structures and implement the official Elasticsearch coldfusion client GitHub - jasonfill/ColdFusion-ElasticSearch-Client: Full featured CFML client for ElasticSearch.

Problem is i don't even know where to begin, i've been working with coldbox for over two yrs now, but im stumped

When doing something like this, take a step back and understand how ElasticSearch API works first. From there you can then take the API of these CFC’s and create a model or module based on that.

But the quickest and dirtiest way is to treat that as a legacy model and set it up to work as is, map these with WireBox and inject the libraries when you need them.

Personally a working ColdBox module would be great.

Tom Miller and Nolan Dubeau have both worked on this at some point in time. Here’s the thread:

They might be able to share some insight/code. Like Andrew mentioned, I’d LOVE to see a re-usable ColdBox module come out of this and get put on ForgeBox.



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Ok, I’ll take a look at it, thanks for the info

Hi Jay,

I didn’t actually get too far with ElasticSearch, other than installing it and playing with the built in REST API. I echo Brad and Andrew’s comments on creating a module. I recently worked with Brad and Luis on the CFCouchbase NoSQL SDK…

There is a sample application with a ColdBox module that you should take a look at, as it might help you to understand how you can build an CFElasticsearch SDK similar to the CFCouchbase SDK and then wrap a module around it.

I’m planning on implementing ElasticSearch in the next couple months so I would definitely be into using something like this.

Great work so far.