Install/configure Self-signed SSL Certs

Hello all.

I’m new to CommandBox. I have a site the runs on my Windows 7 PC at

I’d like it to run over HTTPS for every page request.

How would I create a self-signed certificate, install it to Lucee and configure CommandBox to use it?

Can anyone provide some insight or recommend an install guide to use?

Thanks, Che

You can find the arguments there for the embedded server for SSL

Thanks Luis.

I added the “–SSLEnable” flag to my .boxr file. Afterward, the site would not run. I then set the flag from the “servers.json” file to false, stopped/started and the site ran. :slight_smile:

In the servers.json file, I noticed values for “SSLCERT”, “SSLKEY” and “SSLKEYPASS”. I imagine I need to provide values for these?

I’m unfamiliar with self signed certs. What would be the best way to get these values?

Thanks, Che