Install error, (for() loops), ContentBox 1.0.6, CF 9.0.0.x

ContentBox 1.0.6 appears to be incompatible with CF 9.0.0.x

CF 9 update 1 fixes a ‘for() loop’ to allow ‘var’ as in:
for(var a in b){}

CF 9.0.0.x prior to update 1 will error when using ‘var’ in ‘for() loops’.

I had a tough time on my shared server finding why ContentBox wouldn’t work on install, the shared host doesn’t allow robust exception output.
So I installed a copy of ContentBox to my local box running CF 9.0.0.x and found that ‘var’ was bombing in for() loops.
I updated my local CF with CF update 1 (CF 9.0.1.x) and it fixed my problem.

I don’t know if there’s a way around this ‘var’ issue in CF 9.0.0.x without an update but I hope my finding helps anyone else looking for an answer.

As a side note, using ‘local.x’ as apposed to ‘var’ would have made ContentBox compatible with CF 9.0.0.x
I though the CF dev community as a whole was using ‘local.x’ as a good practice. Oh well, now I have to move my site to a compatible updated server or search/replace a lot of files :frowning:

We do not support 9.00. Just 9.01 and above due to the crappy implementation 9.00 had with implicit structs, arrays, hibernate and well pretty much everything.