Install error

Downloaded CommandBox for Windows (running Win 7) and put it in a separate directory. First time it launched it said it was initializing files though I don’t know where it was putting them because it didn’t put them in the folder with the exe file. Then the window abruptly closed. I opened it again and it closes almost instantly.

Do I need to add the app to the path? Is it possible that its not finding Java somehow? Should I move it into the CF or Railo directory? I couldn’t find any install directions at all.


Installation instructions are here:

If you type “commandbox documentation” into Google, that will also be the first result :slight_smile:

CommandBox installs to a folder called “.CommandBox” in your user directory.

Chances are, you don’t have Java 1.7. Open a DOS window, CD to the directory containing “box.exe” and run it from there. Now you should be able to see the output even after the program exits.

Let us know what the issue is so we can see if there’s a way to get the error to stay up without the window closing.



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I had the same situation and setup as Rick did and followed Brad’s instruction and it was an issue of not having java1.7.