Installation Error & Resolution & Question

So here’s what I was looking at and how I fixed it step, by step… but still have a question…

Error Occurred While Processing Request

Could not find the ColdFusion component or interface

Ensure that the name is correct and that the component or interface exists.

The error occurred in C:/ColdFusion2016/cfusion/wwwroot/scorecard01/coldbox/system/web/Controller.cfc: line 88
Called from C:/ColdFusion2016/cfusion/wwwroot/scorecard01/coldbox/system/Bootstrap.cfc: line 69
Called from C:/ColdFusion2016/cfusion/wwwroot/scorecard01/Application.cfc: line 29

86 : 
87 : 		// LogBox Default Configuration & Creation
**88 : 		services.loaderService 		= new this );**
89 : 		variables.logBox 			= services.loaderService.createDefaultLogBox();
90 : 		variables.log 				= variables.logBox.getLogger( this );

  1. I have “ColdFusion 2016 Update 1” installed using the developer edition and the included webserver

  2. the default CF root directory for the included webserver is C:\ColdFusion2016\cfusion\wwwroot

  3. created a subdirectory for the cold box application, let’s call it “myApp” i.e. “C:\ColdFusion2016\cfusion\wwwroot\myApp”

  4. downloaded commandbox and ran it with some “help” commands to make sure it was working.

  5. within commandbox changed directory to C:\ColdFusion2016\cfusion\wwwroot\myApp

  6. ran the command: “coldbox create app myApp --installColdBox”

  7. opened a browser to “http://localhost:8500/myApp” and got the error above.

  8. in looking over the previous posts it seems that i needed to create a CF Admin Mapping as follows
    Logical Path: /coldbox
    Directory Path: C:\ColdFusion2016\cfusion\wwwroot\myApp\coldbox

  9. stopped/started CF service

  10. working!

now i guess my only problem is that i can only have one mapping to /coldbox in the CF Admin so if i have multiple apps i would have to keep changing mappings… I saw something about changing a setting in the C:\ColdFusion2016\cfusion\wwwroot\myApp\application.cfc file. if so, is there a pointer to that approach?



You don’t need a mapping if you had actually had the webroot as myApp, which is the best thing to do for IIS when creating sites. Virtual Directories off a central webroot gets messy, separate sites for each application is a much preferred way to do it.

Almost every time I see an error like that it’s because you have a server level mapping that points to a different ColdBox install or you have your coldbox app in a subfolder and the coldbox framework is in that subfolder but you don’t have any mappings.

I would recommend always setting up a this.mappings in your Application.cfc that maps /coldbox if you’re using the non-inheritance approach.



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