Installer causing too many redirects

Hi all,

I’m doing a brand new install of ContentBox into a brand new ColdBox app and when I attempt to run the installer I am getting into a never ending redirect loop.

I’ve tried this in both Lucee and CF 2018 with the same behavior. I’ve gone in and deleted the servers in my .CommandBox folder just to make sure it wasn’t some type of caching issue.

I’ve also attempted this on MySQl and SQL Server just to rule out an issue with the DB. I can see all the tables get created but I can never get to the Installer view in my browser.

I’ve found a couple of old posts from 7 or 8 years ago but none of that seemed entirely relevant since they were pretty old versions.

I’ve looked through log files and not seeing any errors pop up that look relevant.

Does anyone have ideas of what may be causing this that I can try and resolve this issue?

If I install ContentBox standalone without installing it as a Module to ColdBox it works fine. Is that preferred to installing into a ColdBox app?

I’m using ColdBox 5.6.2+1148 and ContentBox 4.2.1+737 and ContentBox Installer Module 4.2.1+737