interceptor to stop coldbox requests when made special call

Hi there guys,

Can anyone help out, I need to create an interceptor to stop the CR
when calling something like:

(I'm setting up mango in CB3.5)
my structure goes like:

/root/index.cfm (coldbox index.cfm file)
/root/Application.cfc (noinheritance)
/root/app (coldbox 3.5)
/root/blog (mango 1.6)

I'm guessing that this goes into the onRequestCapture interceptor, if
that is the case, Im not sure exactly the way to go,

any one?

Felipe Serrano

Thank you in advance

At this moment, when trying to acces:s domain/blog/

This occur:
No handlers were found in: /blog/app/handlers or in . So I have no
clue how you are going to run this application.



Felipe Serrano

Step 1 - If you have url rewrite rules on your web server (IIS/Apache/Ngix/etc…) make sure they are not rewriting /blog/ to /index.cfm/blog/.
Step 2 - Drop MangoBlog in a /blog/ folder.
Step 3 - Make sure there is an Application.cfc with a unique name. (should come with MangoBlog).

That should be all you need.