Invalid component definition, can't find component [cborm.models.EventHandler]

I have an older CFUG site built in ContentBox that lived on a Windows VPS. I’m trying to get this running in a shared hosting environment, administrated via CPanel. This site is working on my local, but remotely in that shared hosting environment at Viviotech I’m getting an error “invalid component definition, can’t find component [cborm.models.EventHandler]” which is referring to line 68 in the Application.cfc file. Further up the file, on line 44, that mapping is declared, and above that, the COLDBOX_APP_ROOT_PATH assignment of getDirectoryFromPath( getCurrentTemplatePath() ) on line 35 should allow for the installation and path resolution to any folder I would think, which to me eliminates the possibility that the error lies with the fact that the shared hosting version of this application is not in the root per se, but rather at “/home/ciacfug/public_html/Application.cfc”. There are a couple of forum posts about this particular error already, but thus far, no resolution on these forums is revealed. Again, this site works fine on my local. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Can you share with us just what that mapping looks like?

Have you actually installed CBORM? At what path is it located?

It’s also worth checking the filepath / filename alpha casing, since your hosting is probably Linux-based and therefore case-sensitive, while you might be running on Windows locally.

Those are my ideas.

Hi Michael. I think this issue is resolved. Turns out my assertion that the folder existed in the remote location was false. My FTP process must have cut out on me half way. I’ll be uploading the remainder of the files to the shared server which should remedy the problem. Thank you for your time!

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You’re welcome, happy uploading!

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