Ioc plugin or framework for handler caching?

In the past before using a framework, I had used Lightwire to manage
the dependencies for my controller cfcs and set them to singletons. Is
is better/preferred to have Coldbox or your Ioc plugin (Lightwire)
manage the caching of event handlers? Any gain or loss either way?

Marcus C.

Let ColdBox handle the caching of your beans and handlers.

Look in your ColdBox config file for IOCObjectCaching and set it to
Use the IOCPlugin, so something like

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Thanks Ernst, I saw your post...

I would then to think to let the Ioc framework manage caching of beans
(singletons), especially when dealing with many beans and their
I use lightwire and have not run into that problem as of yet that you
describe in your blog post.

I guess I should have thought before posting this question as I would
have realized that one of coldbox's primary functions is to manage
handlers (controllers).

HI Marcus,

Yes, the caching of event handlers/plugins is done by coldbox for you. IOC beans are optional and only if you want to have dynamic services that can expire. This is more on big applications or heavy high traffic applications where memory needs to remain dynamic. For normal applications, I would just let the IoC container, lightwire in this case, manage the singletons.


Hey Luis,
Yea that's were I was headed! Thanks!