Is it possible to use multiple hosts when starting server?

I have a code base that is used by multiple domains on my production server.

There are often different behaviors depending settings in the application (controlled by the users of the site) for each domain and the different settings are tied to that domain. I find myself needing to stop and restart the server locally for each different domain to test the different configurations when I am updating the system.

Is there a way to specify multiple hosts in server.json so that I do not need to restart the server?

Just point multiple host names to the same IP in your PCs hosts file. At the end of the day, java binds to a port on an IP address. The domain mostly doesn’t matter nearly as much as the IP that it resolves to. That will allow an unlimited number of local testing domains all hit the same site. If you’re using the hostupdater module for CommandBox, I think it even has a way to add the host file entries for all your domains at once.

Thanks Brad…hostAlias is what I was looking for…and updating hostUpdater.

It is now working as expected.